Calista Naismith

BSc  MScPT  PgCSH  ACC  (she/her)

Cali completed her Master of Science in Physical Therapy at the University of Alberta in 2017 after graduating with a Bachelor of Science with a focus in Kinesiology in 2015. In addition, she completed her Sexual Health Certificate from the U of A as well as her Pelvic Health Internal Certification. Since graduating she has continued to pursue further education on sexual pain, pelvic health, paediatrics and acupuncture. This past September Cali started her PhD in Clinical Sexology at the International Institute of Clinical Sexology to expand her knowledge in the area of sexual health as well as transgender health.

Cali displays passion for her clients and their progress and strives for them to improve to or improve on, their previous level of function. Her life experiences have given her the determination to ensure her patients receive the best care and she never stops educating herself further to improve on her skills. She strives to treat each patient as an individual, finding the best treatment techniques for that patient as well as the right exercises to fit their lifestyle.

Outside of working as a physiotherapist, Cali loves spending time with friends and getting out in the mountains whenever she can. Cali is passionate about fitness and understands the importance of movement and exercise to everyday function. Thus, she often can be found in her home gym, snowboarding or aerial dancing.