Meet Our Community

At CURA Physical Therapies, we believe in a team approach.

Because it's important for us to foster good relationships with our clientele while valuing other professional opinions, we treat everyone, including each other, like a close-knit community. 


Our team is highly educated in their areas of expertise and believes passionately in working together for the greater good: our patients' well being.

Our Practitioners

Mary Wood

BScPT CAFCI  (she/her)

Tanya Lee-McCracken

BScPT  CAFCI  C.Med.Acup.  (she/her)

Nadia Keshwani

BScPT  MSc PhD  (she/her)

Sheena Whyte

MScPT BSc CAFCI  (she/her)

Claudia Moura

BScPT ACC (she/her)

Linda Quinn

DipPT  FCAMT  CAFCI  (she/her)

Loreen Gomes

BScPT  FCAMT  C.Med.Acup. (she/her)

Sheena Worton

BScPT C.Med.Acup.  (she/her)

Jon Golla

MScPT BSc  (he/him)

Brianna Chan

MScPT BSc  (she/her)

Suzie Jones

R.Ac BPE  (she/her)

Meriam Parafina

RMT (she/her)

Our Patient Care Team

Judy Griffith-Surage

Patient Experience Director (she/her)

Carol Ma


Barb Symrozum