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Chiropractor Edmonton West

Elevate your well-being!

Deeper Evaluation.

Dive beyond the surface with our comprehensive assessments. We believe in understanding the root cause of your discomfort. Our experts take the time to thoroughly evaluate your condition, ensuring that no detail is overlooked.

Better Understanding.

Knowledge is power. Our team not only treats but educates. With each session, you'll gain a clearer insight into your body's mechanics, the nature of your ailment, and the path to recovery. We're here to demystify the healing process for you.


Take charge of your health journey. With our guidance and your newfound understanding, feel confident in making informed decisions about your well-being. We equip you with the tools and knowledge to lead a pain-free, active life.

Experience comprehensive chiropractic solutions

chiropractor Edmonton west

Welcome to CURA Physical Therapies, a beacon of health and wellness situated in the heart of Edmonton West. We specialize in providing tailored chiropractic solutions, blending traditional techniques with modern healthcare innovations to offer unparalleled care.

CURA Physical Therapies is not just a chiropractic clinic; it's a journey towards optimal health. Located conveniently in Edmonton West, we serve as a sanctuary for those seeking pain relief, better mobility, and a balanced lifestyle. Our team of experienced chiropractors is dedicated to understanding your unique health needs and crafting personalized treatment plans that align with your wellness goals.

Success Stories

It was exactly the care I needed…. I cannot emphasize enough the level of gratitude I have to my two excellent physiotherapists at Cura Physical Therapies. They gave me back my physically active life I thought I would never have again.

Patient Testimonial by Lisa
Patient Testimonial
Testimonial of Cura Physical Therapies
Patient Testimonial

Ever since coming to CURA 10 years ago I’ve been able to manage my SI joint arthritis without medication. I give credit to their excellent care and their wide range of treatments. The staff is caring and very knowledgeable and I’ve recommended CURA to my family and friends. 


Our unique approach to chiropractic care

At CURA Physical Therapies, we believe in a holistic approach to chiropractic care. This means we look beyond the symptoms to treat the root cause of your discomfort. We employ a variety of techniques, including spinal adjustments, soft tissue therapy, and rehabilitative exercises, ensuring a comprehensive treatment plan tailored just for you.

The comprehensive benefits of chiropractic care

Chiropractic care offers a plethora of benefits, extending beyond mere pain relief. Our treatments are designed to enhance your overall health, from improving joint mobility to boosting your nervous system's functionality.

Deeper Evaluation.

Dive beyond the surface with our comprehensive assessments. We believe in understanding the root cause of your discomfort. Our experts take the time to thoroughly evaluate your condition, ensuring that no detail is overlooked.

Enhanced mobility and flexibility

Through targeted chiropractic adjustments and therapies, we aim to enhance your mobility and flexibility. This not only helps in reducing the risk of injuries but also improves your body's overall function and performance.

Why choose CURA Physical Therapies for your chiropractic needs in Edmonton West?

chiropractor near me

Choosing CURA means opting for a team that is deeply invested in your health and well-being. Our chiropractors are not only skilled but are compassionate professionals who listen and respond to your health concerns. Our location in Edmonton West makes us an accessible choice for all in the community seeking quality chiropractic care.

Embark on your journey to wellness with CURA Physical Therapies. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and take the first step towards a healthier, more vibrant you.

Overcome common conditions with expert physiotherapy

Chronic Back Pain

Sports Injuries

Arthritis and Joint Pain

Neck Pain

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Muscle Strains and Sprains

Tendonitis and Bursitis


Frozen Shoulder

Plantar Fasciitis

Tennis and Golfer’s Elbow

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Postural Imbalances

Repetitive Strain Injuries

Insurance partners

Experience hassle-free treatment sessions at CURA Physical Therapies! We offer direct billing to all major third-party companies, ensuring a seamless experience for you.

Alberta Blue Cross

Alberta Health Services

Canada Life (Telus eClaims)

Chambers of Commerce

Equitable Life of Canada

Group Health Benefit Solutions

Greenshield Canada

Manulife Financial

Medavie Blue Cross

Sun Life Financial

Workers Compensation Board

Areas we serve


West Edmonton


Meadowlark park


Laurier Heights


Jasper Place

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