Claudia Moura

BScPT ACC  (she/her)


1. Why did you become a Physical Therapist?

I tried Medicine for a few years, got into dentistry and hated it because I could not interact with patients as much. Decided to try Physical Therapy (1997) only to fall in love with the profession. It makes my day to observe patient’s progress and to follow the patient’s journey, regaining function and quality of life. It has been almost 20 years since I graduated in BSc PT in Brazil.


2. What do you like about working at CURA?

CURA has an amazing team of professionals, very experienced and knowledgeable. I like the opportunity to work with a holistic focus and think “outside” of the physical therapy textbooks.


3. What brings you joy? What inspires you?

Living a life with mindfulness and staying in the “present” time, enjoying every life’s invitation for self growth. I am inspired by people who overcome challenges in their life, with the ability to transform the stone into a diamond by taking each day at a time but never giving up.


4. What have you done to manage the pandemic?

By focusing on the positive aspects of the pandemic (there were a few) and taking the time to reconnect to myself.


5. What recent continuing education courses have you completed?

Dr. Michael Sullivan PGAP Seminars 1-4 on Pain Catastrophizing (PCS) - 2022

CS2: Craniosacral Therapy, Upledger Institute - 2022

CS1: Craniosacral Therapy, Upledger Institute - 2022

Visceral Manipulation – VM3 (Pelvis) Barral Institute - 2021

Visceral Manipulation – VM4 (Thorax) Barral Institute - 2020

Visceral Manipulation – VM2 Barral Institute - 2019

Hypopressives Low Core Fitness Training Level 1 - 2019

Dermoneuromodulation DNM with Diane Jacobs – Chronic Pain - 2019

Visceral Manipulation – VM1 Barral Institute - 2019

The Physical Therapy Approach to Female and Male Urinary Incontinence - 2019

Internal Examination-Pelvic Floor Solutions

Dementia Fundamentals Education: See the Person not the problem, AHS - 2018

Concussion Rehab Management, Parkwood Institute - 2018

Acupuncture Canada- Trigger Point Dry Needling - 2018

Acupuncture Canada – Clinical Applications in Acupuncture (Level 2) - 2018

Acupuncture Canada – Foundations in Anatomical Acupuncture (Level 1) - 2017

Manual Therapy Strategies for adults with neurological impairments - 2016