Understand Our Difference.

A Whole New Approach To Understanding Your Body.

Waves A New Evaluation

Your Privacy Matters

With individual treatment rooms and ample one-on-one time you can feel safe to begin your journey of healing. 

Understand Your Story

We want to understand the twists and turns of your story. We take the time to understand your whole story so you get the right treatment plan for you. 

Whole Body Assessment

You can expect to be looked at in a deeply integrated way. Our assessment approach ensures all parts of your body are included: from your bones, joints and viscera to your emotional well-being. 

LeafA New Understanding of Your Body

Know the Source

One of our goals is to increase your awareness of your body. You will grow in understanding the interconnectedness of your body. 

Technology Supported 

We use the latest technology such as ultrasound biofeedback to help you understand your body and low level laser to help accelerate healing and reduce your symptoms. 

Collaborative Care

We believe that each physiotherapist brings different skills and unique perspective when interacting with each patient.  In fact, 2nd (and sometimes 3rd) opinions are welcomed and encouraged.

BirdA New Way to Move in Your Body

Optimal Movement

We want to you move away from “getting by” to moving the way your body was meant to. We work with you one-on-one to help you discover your optimal movement patterns.

Function Focus

Above all, our main focus is to help you move and function better. We’ll be helping to shift your focus from pain management to movement freedom.

Independence Sooner

We believe that you have the skills to move better in your body. Sometimes it just takes a little coaching and a new awareness. We work with you to develop new movement skills so you’ll get and stay better faster.