Urinary Incontinence Treatment Edmonton West

Urinary Incontinence (Bladder Leakage)

It's not a normal part of aging or life.

Bladder leakage, planning your outings or activities around the need to void (pee), or avoiding certain activities because of your fear of losing control can cause as much suffering as pain. All of these symptoms can be helped!


Aging is not the cause of the bladder problems but is one of many factors contributing to leakage, urgency (strong desire to pee that cannot be put off) or frequency (going more than 8 times per day or more than 1 time overnight).


Get the control you want and need by developing pelvic floor muscle skill (beyond kegels) and learning the habits and strategies that are best for you.


Kegels are just one type of pelvic floor muscle exercise and research shows many individuals do not do them correctly.We find many people are not weak but overworking, their pelvic floor muscles are too tight not too loose. However once a tight muscle relaxes it is nearly always weak. 

How Can Pelvic Health Physiotherapy Help?


Following a thorough assessment, we work with you to regain your control by rebuilding the skill of your pelvic floor muscles and develop the necessary habits for you.


Our primary job is to uncover the factors causing your specific symptoms and then work with you to implement the skills and habits so you get the control you deserve. 


CURA Physiotherapy has developed a video series that provides more information and is available to you when your assessment is booked.