Male Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy Edmonton West

Men Can Have Pelvic Area Pain Too

Male Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy Edmonton West

Being a guy with bladder, bowel or sexual problems or pain can be a challenge. Who can help? Who do you talk to?


Male pelvic health problems fall into 2 primary categories

  • Prostate problems 
  • Pain and sexual problems 

The prostate gets the blame for many of the symptoms. Did you know the pelvic floor muscles, nerves, hips, spine and pelvic joints and even your breathing could be affecting your symptoms?


It’s important for you to work with healthcare professionals that understand not only the pelvic area but  look at you as a whole to discover underlying causes and treat all of you.


Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer will affect 1in 8 men during their lifetime.  When surgery is required bladder incontinence (leakage) occurs.


CURA Physical Therapies has partnered with the CJ Woods Prostate Clinic at the Kipnes Center to support men with pre-surgery videos (to be released soon) about pelvic floor muscle training and we participate in their post prostatectomy workshop. We have a team available to help you wherever you are on your journey.


There is often a time gap between diagnosis and surgery that provides a valuable opportunity to develop your pelvic floor muscle skills,understand your bladder and bowel habits - without the stress and discomfort after surgery.


For others, you seek treatment post surgery to support your recovery, develop the skills for urinary continence and resume pre surgery activities with confidence. Postsurgical rehabilitation can be started as early as 4-6 weeks after surgery but treatment can have benefits at any time.


Prostate Recovery Map by Craig Allingham ($20) is an excellent resource for men on their survivor journey. It as available by calling or texting us at 780-443-4473 or email patients@ 


Male Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy in Edmonton West

Pelvic Pain, Sexual Pain or Problems


At CURA we see men of all ages(18-90) coping or suffering. It is normal for men to pay little attention to how your bladder or pelvic area is functioning - until there is pain or difficulty functioning. A typical response for many men is to ignore the symptoms or work hard to fix them - on their own or using internet resources. We are here to help you learn about your body and what you can do.


At CURA we perform a comprehensive assessment -  looking at  movements of the hips, pelvis and spine (including your ribs); function of pelvic floor and abdominal muscles both strength and  flexibility of muscles so we can determine the strategies and treatments that will give the greatest and fastest impact for you.


Each person’s plan of care is unique and may include

  • Lifestyle modifications - for effective bladder, bowel and sexual function
  • Pelvic floor muscle training - relaxation and contracting. Beyond kegels
  • Hands on therapy to address where the body needs to move better
  • Movement exercise
  • Acupuncture to balance the body systems
  • Ultrasound biofeedback for retraining key muscles
  • Collaboration with your care givers

WE ARE HERE TO HELP!  Please email the clinic to book.