Chronic Pain Treatment Edmonton West

Do Think There Isn’t Hope With Your Pain?

Think Again.

Mary Wood

Sometimes life has a way of beating us down; a nagging ankle injury, a cranky low back that never seems to get better - I’m sure that you could write a list of “issues” that are holding you back from living your life with just a little more ease and joy.

Here at the clinic we don’t use the word “chronic” because of the finality it implies. We know through research, and tried methods, that your body is resilient and wants to recover. Sometimes uncovering the problem is simply a matter of having a different perspective. You deserve the best life possible and we are here to help you achieve that.

I encourage you to read more of our view on persistent pain and what we do here at CURA to help you move forward to persistent health.



Mary Wood, PT

Clinic Director

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