Tanya Lee

Tanya Lee-McCracken

BScPT  CAFCI  C.Med.Acup.  (she/her)


1. Why did you become a Physical Therapist? 

I knew I wanted to be a Physical Therapist from a young age. I desired a medical profession with a diverse scope of practice that was employed 9 to 5.


2. What do you like about working at CURA?

Working with a niche group of patients in a setting that is peaceful and allows 30 minute & 1 hour treatment sessions. Working with a group of colleagues that value lifelong learning and are extremely knowledgeable and collaborative. The great admin team is an asset too.


3. What brings you joy? What inspires you? 

I experience joy when I am able to assist patients in their recovery in a timely manner. Curiosity and high standards inspire me to continue to be a lifelong learner.


4. What have you done to manage the pandemic? 

I followed our college’s regulations for working as a PT and attended several on-line courses including treating patients during the pandemic with acupuncture.

At home I have enjoyed having my 3 kids around the supper table every night as normally they would be out playing sports or studying for university. I have also been learning new recipes while assisting my daughter, she is becoming a gourmet cook! 


5. What recent continuing education courses or conferences  have you completed?

Barral;  Visceral manipulation (VM), VM1 repeat, VM2 repeat, VM4, 

Barral:  Neuro-meningeal manipulation (NM), NM1, NM2

Dr. Chikly’s brain curriculum:  Brain 4

Diane Jacob’s Dermo Neuro Modulating (DNM)

Dr. Jason Hao’s Scalp Acupuncture

Acupuncture Canada’s trigger point dry needling level 1 & 2

Dr. LJ Lee’s Part 4 series of Connect Therapy (ISM)

Compass Interactive: Level 1:  Communication and Interpersonal  Skills Development

D’Ambroglio Institute:  Total Body Balancing 1

Dr. Aung’s Spiritual retreats 2017, 2018, 2019

Dr. Nadia Volf’s 3 part series re. Covid & acupuncture

Various one day workshops on TMJ, OA of hip, acupuncture